Tuesday, May 12, 2009


That is a of


I have a new secret code, BUT I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT IT IS

The secret is to type one key to the left on your keyboard, so DOG = SIF and PENNY = OWBBT

Secret code:
fywaa qglr? Tiy um byv 3 glcubf wbiyfg deww runw 1 dufyew iyr xisw OQB

Think about this

I shall now rant about how it is that almost everybody has a blog, but some people have really suckish blogs that they don't put much effort to which causes the really cool blogs that DO have LOTS of effort put into them to be unread, which causes me to be extremely angry at society for creating lazy people. But no one cares so I'm going to go croqueting for a while to blow off steam

But of course, no one will ever read this








The General rules of Croquet
A coin toss should determine who goes first. Among younger players, there is often a rush to get a certain color. Color determines order and should be allocated based on teams selected and the coin toss. It should be noted that there is not a particular advantage to being first. In fact, many players prefer to be late in the order.

The player to begin play places his ball about mid-way between the stake and the first wicket. He hits his ball with the mallet and attempts to pass through the wickets before him. If he passes through both wickets, he receives two bonus strokes.

Generally, bonus strokes do not accumulate - only the last bonus strokes earned are allowed (the exception being the two wickets at the starting or turning stakes). Bonus strokes are awarded for going through a wicket, for hitting a stake, or for hitting another ball.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The best kind of amusement park is an amusement park during the school months

Well with the economy and all, people are too afraid to have fun. Which is good news for us!

By the way, news is news because of North East West and South

NEWS if you haven't already known that from someone else's blog but I digress

The park was kinda full around noon which compelled some people to buy a very expensive Flash Pass which costs at least twice a season's pass

But in the morning, and to the afternoon, the park was VERY empty

Which brings me to say that although it was cool that the Logger's Run ride were running, MOST OF THE LOGS WERE EMPTY

Which means that we are WASTING a LOT of water

But it was fun anyway, but speaking on a environmentalist's point of view, "IT'S KILLING THE EARTH!!!!"

Well anyway, we went on the Iron Wolf 4 times in a row which DOES NOT CRUSH YOUR CROTCH. However, it did crush my ears, but we got to ride in front 2 times so I could turn my head whichever way to avoid having my ears crushed when we hit a corkscrew

We started with 7 people, but then my whole group was afraid of big rides so they had a tantrum and decided to go their own way. So we went on all the big rides like GIANT DROP and RAGING BULL and V2 (which I swear that the horrible screaming is a sound effect but Sam denies it with all of his being and heart) and SUPER MAN where we rode in the front! 

The dumb thing is that Vlad convinced Jordan and me to go to the front which added 30 more minutes of waiting and just when we got there, the rode got stopped because of a chance of rain, and after a long wait of no rain, the ride started again

So yeah, it was fun, but I'm boring you now, so let's see what would happen if Al Gore had won presidency instead of George Bush 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Andrew's Corner's time

Corner: Hey there...Andrew
Andrew: Oh, hello Corner
Corner: I just bought a new cooking knife to chop up the the...stuff that gets chopped up
Andrew: Oh...I guess the last one wasn't cutting it (gun cocks) Ok, ok, I'll be funny, calm down